Information Sheet

March 2018


March 2018 – Newsletter

March/April Information Sheet

Important Dates For March

1st – World Book Day (see note)

2nd – Online  Safety Workshop

5th – School Nurse (P1)

6th –  Town Library (P4D)

5th,6th, & 7th Mar—Book Fair will be open in the Assembly Hall

6th – Book Fair Tuesday evening from 7-8.30pm.

12th – School Nurse (P1)

13th – Town Library (P4D)

14th – School Nurse (P1)

14th –  Boys/Girls Hockey Tournament—Newry

15th –  School Nurse (P1)

15th – Soccer Competition – Annalong

19th – School Closed – St Patrick’s Day

21st – Viking Visit – (P6)

28thSchool Closed at 12.05pm for Easter Holidays!    NO SCHOOL DINNERS AND NO BUSES AVAILABLE!       

Please arrange alternative transport.


Important Dates For April

11th April – School re-open.

13th April – Dairy Council Visit (P5 & P6)

17th April –  Town Library (P4McM)

17th April – P1 Trip to Fortevergreen (Warrenpoint)

19th April – Soccer Tournament Newry

23rd April – P7 Trip to Stormont

24th April – Town Library (P4McM)


Online Safety Workshop for Parents/Carers

Muddled by Minecraft or rattled by Roblox? NSPCC and O2 are running an hour-long interactive workshop with tips, tools and advice on how to keep your child safe online. Talking about online safety with your child doesn’t need to be difficult—build your confidence to have those important conversations, get to know your child’s online world and learn where to go for help and advice. The workshop will take place at 2pm-3pm on Friday 2nd March. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!


Book Fair

Our annual Book Fair will take place on Monday 5th March, Tuesday 6th March and Wednesday 7th March. Parents of children in P1-P3 are invited to help their children select books from the Book Fair from 8.45am-9.10am in the Assembly Hall. There will also be an opportunity this year for all children to come to the Fair with their parents on Tuesday evening from 7-8.30pm. P3-P7 children will be allocated a time throughout the school day to attend the Fair with their teacher and purchase books. The Book Fair encourages children to read and helps fund new resources for our school.

School Policies

As our School Policies be updated they will be posted on our School Website for parental consultation.  If you would like to comment on any of the draft policies please do so in writing. All policies will be ratified by the Board of Governors.


School Website

Please do take advantage of our school website! You can catch up with all our news, look at the dinner menu for the month, download resources to help your child at home, play games and much more! If you scroll down to the bottom of our home page you can also sign up to receive our monthly newsletter via email!


World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 1st March we are having a ‘comfy clothes’/pyjama day. Children can wear something comfortable such as tracksuits, onesies, leggings or their pyjamas and dressing gowns. We will also be encouraging children to participate in bedtime reading for that week. They will be given a bookmark to fill in and get signed each evening.

Have fun!



If any of you have changed address, telephone number, mobile telephone number or any other contact please let the school office know as soon as possible. It is essential that we have this information correct for emergencies and texting services.



Please remember that School Dinners in the canteen are  £2.60 per day. Could you please send correct money in on a Monday for the week in an envelope with days intending to take dinner marked clearly.

We would also ask that you would send After School Club money in on a Monday for the week in a separate envelope with days intending to attend marked clearly. After School Club is £2 per day. Thank you for your co-operation.


Parent Interviews

Thank you to all who were able to attend their parent teacher meetings in February. If you still need to speak to your child’s class teacher on any issue please contact the General Office to make an appointment.


Allergy Advice

A reminder to advise you that we have children in school who suffer from a severe allergy to nuts. Children with this condition 

may have a severe reaction, which could prove fatal if they come into contact with nuts. Consequently, I would ask that no nuts or related products (e.g. kinder bueno, nutella spreads, peanut butter etc.)  are brought into school for your child’s break or packed lunch. Your agreement with this and 

compliance could prevent a life threatening situation developing. I am sure you will appreciate the 

reasons for making this request and trust that you will give it your full co-operation.


Car Park Safety/Keeping Our Children Safe

Once again we would like to remind everyone to drive safely through the school car park! When picking children up please park in appropriate spaces and leave a clearance for traffic to keep flowing carefully! Do not park on the zebra crossings and be cautious of children using them! When parking on the Harbour Road, please leave spaces clear for children to cross with care with the Patrol Officer.




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