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September 17


September 2017 Newsletter


Welcome back………

It is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to everyone who is either returning to our school or coming for the first time. I trust you all had a relaxing summer! Our classes this year are as follows:

Principal Mrs H McCabe

P1 Mrs Wilson, Mrs Lorimer & Mrs Morris

    Assistants Mrs G Hanna & Mrs L Hanna

P2 Mrs B Stevenson (VP), Mrs Campbell & Mrs Annett

    Assistants Mrs Chambers & Mrs L Orr

P3 Miss Parke (Mrs Coffey), Miss Donaldson (Mrs Graham) &

     Miss Knox

P4 Mrs Donnelly, Mrs Henderson & Mrs Niblock(Mrs McMath)

P5 Mrs McBride & Mrs Ferguson (Mrs Bennett on Thurs)

P6 Mrs Russell, Mrs Peters & Mrs McKinney

P7 Mr Quinn (VP) & Mr Annett

Language Support—Mrs Patterson

Learning Support/Autism Centre Mrs McAleavey(Mrs Annett) & Mrs Elliott/Mr Nicholls. Assistant Mrs Forsythe

Special Needs Assistants—Mrs McCauley, Mrs McKee, Mrs Burns, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Weir, Mrs Baird, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Johnston & Miss McCracken

Clerical Assistants—Mrs J Orr & Mrs K Parke

Reprographics—Mrs Haugh

Librarian—Mrs Cassidy

Caretaker—Mr David Parke

Supervisors—Mrs Kelly, Mrs Cousins, Mrs Speers, Mrs I Orr, Mrs McCartan, Mrs D Stevenson, Mrs L Hanna, Mrs D Hanna, Mrs Burns & Mrs Wilson

Important Dates for September

8th — P6 Parents  Meeting at 3.15pm in assembly hall re: Killowen Trip

11th  Breakfast Club begins (8.15-8.45am)

11th—After School Club begins (2.05-3.05pm)

12th— New Beginnings Choir

12th, 13th & 14th —Homework Club begins

13th, 14th & 15th P6 trip to Killowen

19thP1 children stay in school until 2.05pm

21st P2 trip to Silent Valley

TBC—Soccer Club begins (3.05-4pm)

TBC— Hockey Clubs begin (3.05-4pm)

19th & 20th — School Photographer (consent forms to follow)

TBC P7 trip to Silent Valley


Dates for your Diary

4th October— Parent Interviews (afternoon)

5th October—Parent Interviews (afternoon)

17th October—Flu Vaccines



If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher or Mrs McCabe please contact the General Office to make an appointment



School Opening time— The school doors will be open in the mornings at 8.45am. The Breakfast Club will start on Monday 11th September from 8.15-8.45am where you child will be able to have toast etc and be supervised.


Publicity— If you wish your child to be excluded from any photographs taken in school either  by one of the local papers or for publicity/display purposes please let me know in writing.


Money— Please ensure that correct dinner money is in on a Monday morning in a clearly marked envelope. Dinner is £2.60 per day. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Education Authority’.

After School Club is £2.00 per day, also to be in on a Monday morning in a clearly marked envelope with the appropriate green slip completed stating days your child will attend.


Money Pouches— Money Pouches are on sale from the General Office costing £1.50 for a pack of 40.

Uniform— Please ensure your child wears the proper school uniform each day and all items are clearly named. Black shoes must be worn. Hair must be tidy (no extreme hairstyles/colours) and girls hair must be tied back with navy hair accessories.


Phoning   We will only be phoning home for very good reasons. Please ensure that your child is equipped at the beginning of each school day with lunch, PE gear, swimming gear etc and they know how they are getting home.


Home TimeP1 & P2 children collected at 2.05pm at the P1 door.

P3 children collected at 2.05pm at door beside P5 hut.

P4 children collected at 3.05pm

(2.05pm on Thursday) at door beside P5 hut.

P5, P6 & P7 children collected at 3.05pm at door beside P5 hut.

If any changes to normal home time routine please send a note into your child’s class teacher.


Home Time cont.

For safety reasons we would ask that all children are kept away from the climbing frame in the P1 playground at home time. Also please do keep a close eye on your children in the school gardens at the front of the school. We would ask that they do not climb on the tree or damage any of the plants. If you bring a dog with you when collecting your child please ensure it is on a lead and clean up any fouling.


Absent Notes

If your child is absent from school for any reason please call into the General Office to complete the appropriate form. It is important that this is done for the Educational Welfare Officer.


New Beginnings Choir

As you may be aware the New Beginnings Choir are visiting in the area. The choir will be singing in our assembly on 12th September to our children. If you wish to make a donation to the choir and the work of The New Beginnings you may send it into school on that morning with your child. This is a voluntary donation.    


Car Park Safety/Keeping Our Children Safe

We would like to remind everyone to drive safely through the school car park! When picking children up please park in appropriate spaces and leave a clearance for traffic to keep flowing carefully! Do not park on the zebra crossings and be cautious of children using them! When parking on the Harbour Road, please leave spaces clear for children to cross with care with the Patrol Officer.


Allergy Advice

A reminder to advise you that we have children in school who suffer from a severe

allergy to all nuts and products containing nuts. Children with this condition may have a severe reaction, which could prove fatal if they come into contact with nuts. Consequently, I would ask that no nuts or related products (e.g. kinder bueno, nutella spreads, peanut butter etc.)  are brought into school for your child’s break or packed lunch. Your agreement with this and compliance could prevent a life threatening situation developing. I am sure you will appreciate the reasons for making this request and trust that you will give it your full co-operation.


Medical Information

If your child carries his/her own medication (i.e. inhalers) in school please call into the General Office and complete a form to do so and we can let the class teacher aware.

If your child is on medication that needs to be administered during the school day could you also call into the General Office to complete a form. It is vital that we have all the correct information for any medical condition.


If any of you have changed address, telephone number,

mobile telephone number or any other contact please

complete the slip below and return it to the school office

as soon as possible. It is essential that we have this

information correct for contact purposes.



Name ________________________Child’s Class_______


Change of home address__________________________


Home telephone ________________________________


Mother’s mobile________________________________


Father’s mobile_________________________________


Change of other contact__________________________



Mrs H McCabe




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