Letter To Parents:  Monday 23rd August 2021 

 Kilkeel Primary School 


 Monday 23rd August 2021 

Dear Parents / Guardians 

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school next week. Please reassure your children that there will be plenty of time to re-familiarise themselves with the school layout and routines during the August settling in / induction days. Further information on times and dates are detailed below. There will be no school buses or school dinners until the 1st of September 2021. 

Having considered the latest DE Covid-19 guidance, we have decided to retain most of the mitigations that were in place during last year. Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment with face-to-face teaching. Therefore, please avoid congregating in and around the school car park and school entrances at drop off and pick up times. The school doors will open at 8.45am with school officially starting at 9am. We will pause the staggered drop off and pick up times for the moment and appeal to you not to queue up at the doors. If children are waiting to get in, they will be encouraged to maintain a safe distance between them. 

Thank you to P1-4 parents who have purchased the KPS book bags. Pupils in P5-7 may now use their own school bag, but we would ask that pencil cases are kept in school. Please only transport the necessary books and equipment between school and home. P1-4 pupils will receive their book bag when books are ready to go home and this will be at the discretion of the individual year group. 

Teachers will continue to use Class Dojo to keep in touch, so please make sure you provide school with a current and up to date email, especially of you have changed it recently. 

I have detailed below a few important reminders from the June letter which you may find useful. 

New Term 2021/22 

The teaching compliment for September 2021 will be as follows: 

P1 Mrs Morris, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Lorimer 

P2 Mrs Annett, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Malcolmson 

P3 Mrs McKnight, Mrs Graham, Mrs Coffey / Mrs McCartan (Tuesday & Wednesday) 

*Ms Bingham will be covering Mrs McKnight’s P3 class; Mrs McKnight will be 

assisting the SENCO, Mrs Patterson 

P4 Mrs Henderson, Mrs Donnelly, Mrs McMath 

P5 Mrs Gordon, Mr Henning, Mrs Ferguson / Mrs Graham (Thursday) 

P6 Mrs Russell, Mrs Peters / McKinney 

P7 Mr Newell, Miss Parke, Mr Stevenson 

LSC Mrs Parke / Mrs Orr (Friday) 

School will re-open to pupils for ‘settling in’ days in August 2021. Our new start and finish times will be from 9am – 2pm / 3pm depending on the year group, with everyone finishing at 2pm on Fridays. School doors will open at 8.45am. 

Therefore, the return dates are as follows: 

Thursday 26th August 2021: P2-7 9am – 12 noon 

Friday 27th August 2021: P2-7 9am – 12 noon 

Monday 30th August 2021: BANK HOLIDAY – School closed 

Tuesday 31st August 2021: P2-7 9am – 12 noon 

Wednesday 1st September 2021: P2-3 9am – 2pm P4-7 9am – 3pm 

Thursday 2nd September 2021: P2-3 9am – 2pm P4 -7 9am – 3pm 

Friday 3rd September 2021: P2-7 9am – 2pm 

Learning Support and Autism Class pupils will receive information directly from Mrs Parke regarding returning to school in August. 

New P1 pupils will receive information directly from the Primary 1 teachers regarding starting dates and times. 

Please note there will be no buses or school meals on the August return days. 

School Meals 

Information on using the online booking system, or applying for free school meals, has been uploaded to Class DoJo. Please note, if you are entitled to Free School Meals, you will need to re-apply for the new academic year. This is an online process, but if you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact the school office for advice and assistance. 

I thank you for your continued support and wish everyone a safe and happy new school year. 

Yours sincerely 

Mrs H McCabe 


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