Kilkeel Primary School sets out to create a caring and supportive environment where all children can develop to the best of their ability and achieve success in the many opportunities offered to them.

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P1 Class

P1 Class Teachers:
Mrs Morris – Mrs Wilson – Mrs Lorimer
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P2 Class

P2 Class Teachers:
Mrs Stevenson (VP) – Mrs Annett
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P3 Class

P3 Class Teachers:
Ms Cherry – Mrs McKee – Mrs Coffey
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P4 Class

P4 Class Teachers:
Mrs Bird – Mrs Donnelly – Mrs Henderson
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P5 Class

P5 Class Teachers:
Mrs Ferguson – Mrs McBride
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P6 Class

P6 Class Teachers:
Mrs McKinney – Mrs Peters – Mrs Russell – Mrs Lorimer
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P7 Class

P7 Class Teachers:
Mr Quinn (VP) – P7 Mr Annett
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SENU Class

SENU Class Teachers:
Mrs Stevenson – Mrs Campbell

Fun & Games

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CBBC Games Website

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Study Guides

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BBC Bitesize

Study Guides and Class Clips
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BBC Schools Primary Resources

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